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So, welcome to my stock account. I opened this to post some sword stock, as a result of recent discussion at Elandria's site. When she asked for stock requests, she got some requests for stock with her and a sword. She said she didn't own a sword, so I opened up my big mouth (okay, so I typed :P) and said that she could shoot holding a dowel or stick or something, and photomanipulators could replace it with a sword. So she shot said stock, and I thought it only courteous that I should provide some sword stock. :giggle: So anyway, that's why this is here. I may add some more stock later, but for now, that's that. Now, go visit :iconelandria:.

MY MAIN ART ACCOUNT IS :icongrimolfr:.

[EDITED January 15, 2007: I almost never check this account. My stock rules have been changed to reflect this.]

My Stock Rules
1. Use within deviantART: do whatever you want. Have fun. Give me credit and a link back, and send a note (not a comment) to my main account so I can see what you've done.
2. Use outside deviantART: as long as it is not for profit (i.e. no money changes hands), you may do as you wish under the same conditions as in Rule 1.
3. Use for profit (including prints from deviantART): you must have my permission. Send me a note (not a comment) at my main account and we'll talk.